Firefly: The Bones Project is Live! Dec 13, 2013



Ya gotta hand it to Firefly and Eric Bones. This project came out so rad.

“We have designed and built thousands of steel frames in our careers, and we have developed a deep respect for the material and process. The Bones Project is our opportunity to use our knowledge and unique approach to frame building to push the functional and aesthetic boundaries of the most storied material in cycling.

The Bones Project exists at the intersection of manufacturing, art, and performance. It is a collaboration of designers, machinists, frame builders, and artists, most importantly the brilliantly talented local illustrator, designer, and muralist Eric Bones.”

See more detailed photos below and check out Firefly for the full scoop on this unique collaboration!






22 are available for purchase, so email [email protected] to reserve yours!

  • Tom

    The sweet sound of R45’s!

  • eric_bones

    Thanks for the kind words Prolly – this project has been so awesome to work on, and the outcome exceeded any of my expectations. Feeling lucky to be working with such great dudes!

  • Mercedes Roman-Manson

    The bikes on display at the party were gorgeous and incredibly unique. It’s a perfect marriage of bike and art design.