Cold Rolled Chapter 03 Dec 21, 2013

Let’s just say that I hate the cold and yet, I really want to do this!

“Chapter Three explores the ever-shifting moonscape of the frozen shoreline of the world’s largest body of freshwater, Lake Superior. This segment was shot over two days in late March 2013 about a half mile offshore within the city limits of Marquette. Over the course of the long winter Lake Superior’s legendary storms create an otherworldly landscape of ice and snow that shifts with each gale. The ice formations, created by wave action and freezing temps, are usually anchored on the lake bottom and can rise from the water up to 30 feet in some locations. Lake Superior’s water temperature hovers right around freezing, and is the leading factor in the region’s high snowfall totals that have influenced the winter cycling culture in this adventure-loving town on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.”

Loving the Cold Rolled series!

  • phil garofolo

    Reason number 39764 why I want a fat bike.

  • Jake Kruse

    wow, i didn’t realize how dramatic fatbiking was. so much slo mo and wistful gazing!

    • When I ride mine to the coffee shop, it takes 10x as long because of all the slow motion.

      • Jamie McKeon