Black Vanilla Road Frame for Sale Dec 13, 2013



Sometimes frame builders end up with a frame to sell to the public and it just so happens that Vanilla’s got something to offer to the tall people out there:

“Available today, maybe just in time to sneak under the tree, is this 2013 Vanilla road frame. It’s roughly a 60cm, see specs here, and features brushed stainless steel head tube lugs, “V” dropouts and drive side chain stay. This frame also includes internal rear brake cable routing, hand carved and thinned lugs, two pair of bottle bosses and meticulous paint work by Coat Paint Shop.”

Check out more details here.

  • Gary E. Morales

    I’m sure I can slap a 40mm stem on this and learn to vault on and off it…

  • kermitonwheels

    Arrrghhh, my size. It’s perfect dammit.

  • recurrecur

    That a seriously high price for a frame that isn’t a custom fit.
    If I had that money, I think I rather go get two custom frames from another builder.

    • Ok

    • Devin Jones

      Ummm…its Vanilla though. There’s not many better…maybe Richard Sachs. This frame is definitely worth it to someone looking for a timeless classic that will last a lifetime.

  • Gee and I was just wondering what I should do with all this extra cash. I was considering burning it, but throwing it at this non-custom Vanilla with no fork seems like an equally good idea.

  • ZeroG

    One of the best feelings in any sport or activity, especially cycling is when you ride past someone on your crappy beater and they are sitting on a 5K bike and can’t pull past you.

    • Dan

      you should change your name from ZeroG to HeroG. You must be the MAN if you can overtake someone on a bicycle.