Ryan’s Stoemper SSCX

I shot photos of this bike back at Crossvegas but first, Ryan wasn’t pumped on the build and I wasn’t that stoked on my photos. So last weekend at SoCalCross, I stole it yet again to shot more photos. This time around, I think we’re both stoked.

Paul Mini Motos, Thomson, Chris King and that bright orange-red frame make this Stoemper one of my favorite SSCX bikes I’ve shot this year! And Ryan is living the (team) dream. That is, until he fell and lost a bar plug during the race.

At any rate, see more of this beauty in the Gallery!

  • hans

    sick bike Ryan!

  • Very nice. This build really lets the frame shine.

    • Richard Smith

      Concur; the black-out components really showcase it

  • Jeovany Alvarado

    Wow, that build is killer!

  • Ridiculously nice.

  • Danny Pagano

    Those levers are so rad.

    • Aaron

      Yeah i was eyeballing those too. I didnt know that campy record aero levers even existed. Well modern ones that is.

      • Danny Pagano

        They don’t! He must have cannabalized a pair of normal shifters. You can see the hole for the thumb tabs on the inside of the lever body.

        • Aaron

          I see it now that you pointed it out. Crazy. I just had to replace one of the bodies on my campy lever and it cost me 100 bucks. I wish he had just hollered and and we could’ve swapped.. :(

          They do look rad though. And mine aren’t record.

        • Trevor H

          They actually DO! They just don’t produce them anymore. They were technically part of their TT group, as they didn’t do a bar end type brake lever. I am sure if you searched the VeloNews and Cycling news archives of pro bikes from… 2008 and previous looking at Campy sponsored teams you could find a number of pictures of them. I know I’ve seen them before. Worked great in Touring applications as well when running bar end shifters.

          If you look back in some of their older catalogs [’07, pg 35] (or search ebay for record carbon brake lever, 2 sets up right now: $175, $200) you will find them. They used the same hoods as the regular levers because well, the shape didnt change, so why put out a new mold for a different hood without the thumb lever cutout.

          Also, Tektro and Cane Creek have made similarly shaped levers for years. I think Cane Creek still makes them, model SCR-5 comes with black levers and black hoods or silver levers and gum hoods, if you are wanting that similar shape.

          http://www.campagnolo.com/repository/documenti/en/2007-gruppi-EN.pdf (pg35 of PDF)


          http://www.canecreek.com/products/brakes-levers/brake-levers (SCR-5)

          • Danny Pagano

            I’m humbled! My mistake!

          • Trevor H

            Not to worry! Just trying to share some of my useless knowledge with ya! I’m a bit of a Campy-head (10 years strong, currently 3 bikes), along with possessing said incredibly useless knowledge (and google skills). I’ve been working in shops for 10 years, and bikes/bike stuff just clicks for me.

            Heck, I’m even running ’08 Mavic C29SSMAX wheels on a campy equip’d disc cross bike, and they’ve got a Campy freehub body on them. Mostly just because I can, and it frustrates/confuses people to see it.

  • Tim

    maybe it’s the simplicity of sscx bikes, but i find myself drooling over them the same way i did with bmx bikes, some 30yrs ago!

  • kog

    what type of chainring is that? Overall rad build!

  • EffOhEff

    those pauls stop real quick, but I had so many clearance problems. Went back to cantis.

  • Tom

    This is fantastic. This is exactly how I would have spec’d out a SSCX. The White Industries cranks are really fantastic and I love the shifterless Campagnolo levers, that is my favourite detail.