Ross’ Icarus Light Tourer

Since moving to Austin, Ian from Icarus has been making custom steel frames for my friends. Many of which have requested an all-arounder of sorts from him. Ross already has a pretty deep stable of frames. A Richard Sachs cross, a Speedvagen road and now this Icarus light tourer.

I say light tourer because Ross is a bit of a camping weight weenie. Usually a bivy sack will do the trick on top of his titanium Tubus rack. For the front end, Ross chose a Wound Up fork for its fender mounts and tire clearance. He didn’t want ‘cross clearances’, just room for a 28c and fenders. Right now, he’s got it set up for a few weekend outings and just the other day, he put over 300 miles on it.

Other highlights are the split-paintjob chevrons, precisely finished by Bryan Myers at Fresh Frame and full Campagnolo gruppo. Personally, this is one of my favorite Icarus frames, mostly because it’s so tailored to Ross’ idiosyncratic tastes. Check out more below!

  • Matt Good


  • Edward Scoble

    Those brakes are awesome.

    CSB, but I discovered that the Swissstop Viking perform slightly better than the Koolstop on my Paul (4 pads replaced, 3x Koolstop, and 1x Swissstop).

    Very surprised to see Open Pro thought.

  • Greg Ralich

    I’m going to go with: HOT DAMN

  • CM

    I like #17

  • btdubs

    28c Tires?

    Damn, Very light tourer. Exquisite bike.

    • When I did Portland to SF, I rode fully loaded on 28c tires.

      • Matt Good

        I rode from Cape Cod to New Mexico on 28c Ribmo’s… Folding bead might I add…

      • Edward Scoble

        You did have a wider rims thought, if I remember correctly?

  • spcycuttlefish

    -That diptych is done so well! Shows the paint job off and the wall is a great natural boundary between the pictures.

    -The carbon weave/beaching (?) on the wound up compliments the weave on the record cranks wonderfully! Record hubs?

    -Frame looks so good, I love seeing Ian’s bi lam and feather details usually but this is so tastefully restrained, it’s perfect for this paint job.

    -Wow, that paint job.

  • Very nice bike. Fantastic paint again by Brian, especially the fine detail of the split chevron. That turquoise has to be the leftover from my Bishop’s head tube/fork.

  • Jake Ricker

    Record bits. Chorus shifters… :)
    Fuck this thing is so sick!

  • kasual

    great bike. very cool shots, John. like the side by side shot towards the end, don’t believe I’ve seen that done before.

  • Dobry

    I like what you’re doing with shadow in the last shots.

    Is that the Wound-Up standard road fork or the Commuter/Light Touring one?

  • Joshua Robot

    My favorite tires. My favorite builder. Nice. Very tasteful build.

  • JLN

    Absolute post dredge, but what Oval bars are they?