Kyle’s Stinner Frameworks Team Mudfoot Cross

The Mudfoot Cyclocross Racing Team began years back as artist Geoff McFetridge found himself racing cross (solo) in Los Angeles. He started winning races and eventually thought it’d be rad to form a team that wasn’t really like other teams in the area.

People take racing very seriously and Mudfoot was about having fun while still kicking ass. Soon Mudfoot grew to a small group of like-minded individuals in the Los Angeles area. Some raced, some didn’t but they all enjoyed cycling. Go to a cross race in SoCal and see for yourself just how ridiculous these dudes act. I know this seems sort of cheesy to read, hell, it sounds cheesy to type but it’s mostly the truth.

Mudfoot has grown to be one of the most coveted “brands” and each year, the team kits get radder and radder. I can’t tell you how many times these guys get hit up to sell shirts, stickers, kits, whatever. People go nuts over it! This year however, Geoff and the Mudfoot elite did something a little different. They teamed up with Santa Barbara’s Stinner Frameworks to design a small fleet of team bikes.

With Geoff’s hand-drawn graphics, paint by Kelli Samuelson of Ritte Cycles and a list of American-made components (PAUL, Chris King) as well as Vittoria, Giro and ENVE, they’re by far the nicest team bikes I’ve ever seen. In fact, I’d go ahead and say that this is my favorite bike of 2013. Kyle‘s bike in particular has some great details.

Details include: Mini Moto front brake, Touring canti rear, Salsa mis-matched skewers and a blue and orange Chris King bottom bracket. While we didn’t get the sunrise light we wanted that morning, the photos came out pretty rad!

I can’t think of a better way to end a year of Beautiful Bicycles… See more in the Gallery!

  • Goog Smells

    What’s the benefit of running two different sets of brakes?

    • Mini Motos offer more stopping power if you need it but don’t have the modulation of cantis. Rear canti let’s you modulate and control speed.

      • Goog Smells

        Why not just use SRAM hyrdos???

        • btdubs

          Because you’ll die. Apparently.

        • because then the bike will explode.

      • Goog Smells

        But for real, thanks, I never new that.

        • AttackCowboy

          I second the thanks; I just got a hold of a Nature Boy Zona frame that I wanted to build it up with Pauls and this seems like the perfect combo. I’m used to full canti and the extra power up front seems great.

      • Ham Sandwich

        perhaps to reduce brake chatter on the carbon fork too? ive got a neo retro on a specialized carbon fork and the chatter makes me want to shit my pants. perhaps thats just my outdated equipment.

        • That’s an ENVE fork. I’ve never had brake chatter with an ENVE fork and cantilevers.

          • Guest

            right on. im dealing with a 10-year old carbon fork with an aluminum straight steerer tube. apples and oranges for sure.

          • EffOhEff

            ENVE’s can chatter. There has been some grief regarding the fact that the cross forks are not drilled for a caliper break as well, so a fork crown hanger cannot be attached, further reducing chatter.

          • I dunno. I run Paul touring cantis and have never, ever had them chatter. My cross bike has one of the ENVE : Speedvagen integrated stems and it works better than any hanger I’ve used. I my experience, various other manufacturers of cantis don’t work as well as Paul… And Koolstop pads work the best IMO.

  • hans

    i like 15 and 16 being consecutive. cool effect man. dig mcfetridge’s artwork as well.

  • mywynne

    I do like seeing the rider+bike portraits. Rad ride.

    • Thanks! I try to do them when I can. Most people don’t want to be in the photos.

      • mywynne

        And that is fair! I can’t say I would want to be publicized on a site with this much traffic. Extra kudos to the posers!

  • Western Rapid

    Beautiful build – so integrated. Out of interest, how many frames are built for the team?

  • tsmak31

    I would like to know the number of teeth of the crank: 46 -36? and the range of the cassette sprockets: 11-28?

    • Sounds about right. That’s pretty standard cross gearing.

  • Western Rapid

    And the inevitable question: will that amazing kit EVER be made public, or is it strictly team-only? Would love to get my hands on some…

    • There have been talks but I don’t think it’s of the utmost importance to the dudes.

  • JLN

    Ever since I saw a few Instagram photos of these bikes I wanted to see more. I’m not disappointed. They look amazing. I’d love to own something similar. Now tell them to sell the kit to the public!

    • It’s even better IRL. Wish there would have been some light for the photos!

  • Danny Pagano

    Probably one of the best “Beautiful Bicycles” to date. Maybe the best.

  • odenator

    I used to always say I could never live in LA because it seemed like such a cyclist unfriendly town. It seems I am completely wrong about that and there are some beautiful people doing beautiful things with bikes down there. Here’s some Bay Area bike love being sent down to LA.

    • Oh man. The riding in LA is exceptional and their foothills eat Mt Diablo whole! You can go from sea level to 9,000′ in one ride! Dawson’s Saddle!

      • Aaron

        Yeah, but don’t you have to drive to a lot of those rides? Up here we are in it.

        • No. We actually ride to the all the rides on our road and cross bikes. MTB is different, but I’ve never driven to a ride otherwise. We leave from Silverlake and go through Chevy Chase to get to the 2.

          • Aaron

            This ride still makes my point –at least in my mind –because it looks like you’ve got about 30 miles of LA before you hit your climbs. Sure our hills rarely top out above 2000 feet but they’re everywhere in the bay, and most of us can leave our front door and start climbing right away. Still I would love to try some of these LA rides. They look incredible. Definitely not trying to hate. I just don’t want you to think Mt Diablo is all we have!

            Happy Holidays to you and yours, sir. Thank you for another year of the best damn blog on the internet. You continue to inspire.

          • I’ve ridden all over SF and Marin. You still have to ride 10-15 miles if you live inside SF (i.e. the Mission) – my point is, I’ve ridden both LA and SF extensively and LA’s rides trump SF’s for sure. They’re just different!

            Another one – closer – 15 miles from Golden Saddle to the start of the big climb.


            and this one is literally right outside Silverlake – like 3 miles


            this one is IN Silverlake


          • Also, happy holidays! Get in some good rides!

  • Powell

    The scary thing is that Kyle probably had a decent amount of these parts laying around already!

    • I’m pretty sure all of these were ordered new.

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    John, the vista makes it all pop. Great work homie!

  • Aron Clarke

    Happy Festivas from down under John and fellow Prolly readers.
    John, I know I have seen that orange jacket that Kyle is wearing before on your sight but it looks so good I have to ask you to help me find it.
    Cheers in advance.

    • Rapha Raeburn

      • Rogan

        The only time this jacket will be anything but anti

  • EffOhEff

    I just don’t understand the SRAM fandom. If I could afford everything else on this bike, I would go with Shimano. I ride SRAM now, but only because I got it super cheap. Can someone explain this devotion?

    • I don’t like Shimano’s shifting or the looks. I think its preference dude!

      • cat6racer

        Shimano’s ergonomics seem to be superior IMHO.

        • Yeah but the new Red is something else! Also, ever see a SRAM shifter taken apart? It’s like 8 pieces vs Shimano’s which is hundreds.

          • EffOhEff

            I get that it’s preference, but SRAM is riddled with recalls, and to me, the action feels like snapping a boner. Also, I can’t believe that you know what you’re talking about given warranties and tech support, Matt, Shimano has been very good to me and the shop I work at. Additionally, more parts are what separate Audis from Fords. No mechanic would make that argument, maybe a home mechanic would.

          • They recalled those stupid hydraulic levers. That’s it right?

    • Matt Good

      Shimano is a PITA to deal with, warranties take forever, tech support is garbage, too many parts in the shifter as John said, way too many small screws, the faceplate on the older shit falls off and looks like garbage, and now their cutting pedal distribution. Awesome company…

  • Armand

    Ok Ok, how the hek is that bike being held up?