Two Total Babes Nov 6, 2013



Photos by Dylan VanWeelden

… and two rad kits!

Ty was up in Portland to race a Cross Crusades and hang out (that dude lives the dream) with the lovely couple behind the Athletic. Speaking of the Athletic, you’ve gotta pop over to see more photos from the event and of that killer kit. Seriously, sign me up for one!

  • Jesus, that Mudfoot kit/bike combo is so nice!

    • btdubs

      With the Speedvagen gloves!

  • Tyler Shannon

    Those are my two favorite kits out right now. So rad!

  • Søren

    I thought the Mudfoot kits were made from unobtainium? Is there some how to sell your soul and first born to get a hand on one?

  • Maxwell Merkle

    Is that Krasniak? She’d be more of a babe if she wasn’t the only person who has ever come in first at a SSCXWC race and NOT gotten the mandatory tattoo. Seriously, what are arbitrary rules for if they are not blindly followed.

    • Cool and I’m sure if you ever met her, you wouldn’t tell her that. She’s the sweetest girl ever and a total ripper. At that point, she barely spoke English and raced it because she was on Rapha.

      People really do hold onto shit that has zero impact on their lives… did your dog die because she didn’t get a tattoo?

      Lighten up.

      • Maxwell Merkle

        (that’s what the arbitrary rules/blindly following is supposed to affect)

        She’s fast and nice. There’s no debate there!

        • I just think people need to lighten up and not hold it against a professional racer who had team obligations… Plus, it’s just a fun race.

          • Maxwell Merkle

            you’re right.

            People need to lighten up.


          • xoxo

          • Maxwell Merkle

            you’re totally my gossip girl, J