Tune Gets Creative and Weird Nov 17, 2013




I love Tune‘s products. I use their skewers on my bikes, would kill for a set of their cranks and I’m stoked that they manufacture everything in the Black Forest, Germany. For their new catalog, the component manufacturers got a little creative. Check out the full catalog here!

  • eric_bones

    Definitely second to none. If only I could afford anything more than the skewers! Haha.

  • masterpiou

    Definitely one of my favorite brand! Both of my MTB an road bike (BMC, Ciöcc Colombus EL) are full of Tune components: Speedneedle saddles, King/Kong & Mig/Mag hubs, DC screwers, headset,…never been disappointed of their reliability in the belgian’s muddy conditions! If curious: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets. @masterpiou. Good ride!

  • Richard Smith

    Never owned any Tune stuff, but I am in love with their ethos and marketing and pure Germanic awesomeness

  • Richard Dreyer

    These are great.