The Official Keep Cross Weird Race Course Preview! Nov 12, 2013


This Thursday is the All-City and PiNP Keep Cross Weird race here in Austin. Surprisingly, there will be a good amount of people coming in from out of town to race, hang out and get in on some local riding over the weekend.

One of the main questions I keep receiving over Instagram, Twitter and Facebook is “what kind of tires / bike / gearing should I be running?”… Now that’s all a matter of preference, but let me offer up a preview to course and let you decide for yourself.

Check out more below!








Does that help?

  • Jay Elling

    could’ve at least worn your fancy shoes.

    • These are the ones I wear the most. They dry faster than the Empires do…

  • Alex Forbes

    Super stoked on this. Skipping class for a cross race, count me in.

  • Ham Sandwich

    ripe for photoshopping. someone post him standing on a bunch of skittles or dicks or something.

  • Chris Valente

    Really this is just an clandestine ad for Tenspeed Hero. I am wearing the same ones!