The 2014 Speedvagen CX Machine Nov 12, 2013


Uhhhh. I think I just Speedvagen’d in my pants.

The olive drab, white and race red Horizon scheme really pops, like those ENVE SES 3.4 wheels, Paul brakes and Campagnolo EPS cross group. Check out more at the Speedvagen Flickr!

  • Joni

    rim brakes in the year 2013 in an expensive bike seem like a silly decision.

    • No it fucking doesn’t!

    • Eric Baumann

      rim brakes no, not silly…clinchers though, yes, kinda silly on a bike like this.

      • But they’re tubeless ready, no?

        • Eric Baumann

          i dont believe they are technically “tubeless ready,” but obviously you could just throw some tape and a valve on there and they would probably be fine, especially with mud 2’s (which ive heard seal up pretty nice on tubeless rims).

          i really dig that fd clamp detail/sleeve, very cool way to handle that situation.

    • btdubs

      If they’re good enough for Sven and Marianne, they’re good enough for you.

      • Joni

        here is sven racing with discs


        • I don’t care if Jesus Christ returns and rides them, to say you HAVE to have discs is a dick move. I love the way dialed in cantis feel!

        • btdubs

          Every CX Worlds in recent memory has been won on cantilever brakes. Until someone wins on discs, the pros have no reason to switch over. Until then, it’s Albert chasing Nys’ coattails with everything he’s got, including discs. And that’s probably the only reason Nys is JUST NOW trying them out.

  • Keith Gibson


  • Liam Griffin

    That rear brake mount detail is awesome. Makes so much sense for the Pauls.

  • Velo666

    Speedvagen know how to make people loose there shit (in a good way) EPS and Cable it’s like the jekyll and hyde of CX bikes, ready to dominate!

  • KevinSF

    Those seat stays……. sweet jesus.

  • Richard Smith

    Shame about the battery positioning

    • Do you EVER have anything nice to say? Feel free to post your bike so people can comment… ;-)

      • Richard Smith

        Fair point; I do appreciate that most of my comments on here are pretty negative and obnoxious, but surely nobody wants to read posi-comments about how beautiful the Speedvagen (and indeed most of the bikes that you post) are – they can see that for themselves!

        It’s plain to see and important to point out (IMO), that that battery positioning really sucks – I know it’s tough to put one of those EPS batteries on the inside, but what’s wrong with the “traditional” below the bottle cage positioning? At least that way it doesn’t get pelted by mud off the front wheel the whole time you’re riding, and won’t get smashed when you bail on that bunny hop.

        Below I’ve attached pictures of my most used bikes – a Trek road bike, an All-City cross bike, and an Argon 18 track bike. Critique as you will; I know the set-ups on them look rather bizarre but so do I with long legs and a short torso.

        (As much as I troll, I do think this blog is great)

        • You can be inquisitive / constructive. It’s about presentation… People have forgotten to be tactful on the internet. I’m not being a dick, just saying. As someone who listens and reads to users of this site, it gets to be too much sometimes…

          I’ve got long legs and a short torso too, I feel your pain!

        • Eric Hancock

          I’m a long-leg/short-torso build, too. Now I know why you are so negative.

          • I’m a long leg, short torso and I’m positive!

    • Alex Steinker

      The solution is not available yet. Will be soon. I agree its not so sensible for failed bunny hop/barrier attempts, but where else would it go.

      Sorry for xposting.

  • Andrew Groom

    That’s beautiful, but those are ENVE45’s, not 3.4 SES wheels. Good old fashioned V section.

    And it is easy to mount the battery inside any frame with V2 EPS. I have done it myself with my new Moots RSL (which does have discs and V2 SR EPS). It would fit inside that seat tube easily, but availability is still a bit poor.

    • Tom Rousculp

      We do offer an integrated battery option for Di2 but we don’t have a Campagnolo option just yet.

      Yes, we offer a carbon fiber seat tube upgrade now and developed it with our friends over at ENVE. The ‘lugs’ are where the carbon seat tube interfaces with the steel frame.

  • Tom Rousculp

    Thanks for sharing John!

  • Kyle W

    Surprised it doesn’t have a 44mm head tube. Is it overkill on some steel bikes?