The 2013 Vanilla Road Racer Nov 20, 2013




Oh man. If you love details on hand made steel bicycles, this one’s for you! The newest Vanilla Bicycles road frameset looks spectacular in this bright double panel paint scheme. Complete with stainless dropouts and that script! Check out more photos of the 2013 Vanilla Road Racer here!

  • D-Unit

    Dat Campagnolo

  • Alex Steinker

    I really dig the look of the unbranded headset. I think we all know what it is, but again… every detail thought out.

  • I have my doubts about the dropouts. I had a failure of similar cast drops on a Reparto Corse Bianchi steel frame.

    • LOL…. that’s a Bianchi, this is a Vanilla. They’ve been doing these dropouts for years with no issues!

      • They should send me one in a 48 cm; camped out for test riding over the next couple of years just to be sure.

      • Richard Smith

        I must admit I also had my concerns about the dropouts when we had a Vanilla through the workshop… but really if I owned the bike I’d be far too busy looking at it to ever actually ride it.

        Beautiful, beautiful workmanship! LOOOOOVE those custom raw aluminium DT 240s; until the corrosion sets in, of course, but again – whoever’s going to take it outdoors!?

        • Matthew Meyer

          I’m sure the hubs are clear anodized and not completely raw.

      • Andy Brown

        I’ve been rolling on a Vanilla cyclo cross bike for 5 years, racing CX, gravel grinders and have logged thousands of miles on dirt roads and single track with out an issue.

  • Damon Bowe

    How much do these cost? Is there a 5 year waiting period on them?

    • Andy Brown

      He took 10 orders this year, with a wait of 48 to 60 moths.

  • Dion Cassius

    They copied the Van Nicholas detail .. Nice bike…but not by any means original..if they don’t have it(creativity) they steal it… I hate copycats..

    • Uhhh… Vanilla did that detail ages before Van Nicholas dude.