Team Dream Team and Golden Saddle Cyclery Van Life Tees Nov 26, 2013




Sean from Team Dream has one of the sickest vans and he knows how to live!

“I always wondered what a bike rack on top of my VW van would look like, so my friend James McClung created this reference image for me. The boys at Golden Saddle Cyclery and I liked the drawing so much we decided it would be best to make it a t-shirt for Team Dream & GSC!”

Pick up one of these awesome tees at Golden Saddle Cyclery! My LA homies are killing it!

You’ve gotta see more photos here.

  • Tim

    that yeti ultimate is sweet!

    • Rena Bariotaki

      I find the lack of chain disturbing

      • Sean Talkington

        Rena, you are the first to catch it (or at least to say something about it). Good eye!

        • Jamie McKeon

          i caught it on instagram (maybe) and thought better than to ask!

          • Well bro, you weren’t the first bro. Rena caught it!

          • Jamie McKeon


  • hans

    it’s a bus!

  • PNT

    everything in this project rules!

  • Looking good, Sean!