Swift Industries: Paloma Klickfix Handlebar Bag Nov 12, 2013


I’m of the belief that the Klickfix system is one of the easiest, most practical methods for attaching a handlebar bag. Screw a decaleur, this is a quick-release that does everything and I’m stoked to see Swift Industries design a new bag to work with the system. Introducing the Paloma Handlebar Bag:

“The Swift Industries Paloma Handlebar Bag is designed for the Klickfix Handlebar Adapter™, combining the function of a randonneur bag with the ease of a quick-release mounting system and the signature aesthetic Swift Industries fans have come to recognize and love.

Weighing in at 1 pound, Swift Industries offers cyclists a light front bag in customized colors. The 6 liter capacity bag is lined with rip-stop X-Pac™ fabric, making it the perfect fit for bicycle tourists and everyday cyclists alike. “We see the Klickfix Handlebar Adapter as a simple and clever alternative to the racks and decaleur measurements our Ozette Randonneur Bag requires. In two fluid steps the quick-release system works its magic and you’ve got your maps, windbreaker, and camera with you wherever you go,” explains company co-owner and designer, Jason Goodman.”

See more at Swift!

  • sygyzy

    I’d never even heard of this adapter. Than you for sharing it!

  • Sean Curran

    I think I’m going to get one of these. I’ve been waiting to order the ozette for a while, but the cost of a decent rack and confusion about decaleur pushed me away.

    I’m trying to imagine though, will this handle any different than using a fork mounted rack? On my bike, I know it would be higher than a rack setup, which would have an impact. But if you took that out of the equation I wonder how different it would be.

  • edscoble

    How odd, I would have thought you’d be on the opposite camp of the Klickfix, especially when the rack/decaleur support the bag better without requiring a lots of strengthening.