Sidi Dominator Fit Limited Edition Camo MTB Nov 12, 2013


So. Right about now, you have to ask yourself: how strong is your camo game? Sidi Dominators now come in woodland camo, available now, in limited numbers at your local Sidi dealer!

  • Mehdi Farsi

    holy shit.

    • Julio Saenz

      I said the same thing followed by “ohmygodohmygodohmygod”

  • Christopherson

    In Wisconsin, camouflage apparel means, if you wear it, you’re compelled throw things like half-finished slushies and gas station hot dogs at people who bike… I am glad everyone is taking camo back!

    • Julio Saenz

      Welcome to the hardside.

  • Matt Good

    Duude, wish it was a Spider. Still rad.

  • tracy johnson

    Oooowwwweeee sick….

  • Christy Punkin Pants Jensen

    Good, but not as good as the Giro Empire Mountain Camo shoes. FML.

    • Crihs

      total rip off and Sidis suck

  • Lee Green

    Bada Bing!

  • Tyler Shannon

    camo is still going strong

  • Brandon Elliott

    Not as sexy as the Giro Empire LTD Camos, but probably more useful. I love my camo Empires, but racing in them is a risk running laces…..

    • dDOTv

      Don’t they have a lase keeper on the tounge?

      • Brandon Elliott

        For sure, but what happens if they get caught up in a crash? What happens when you need to make an adjustment?h

    • kermitonwheels

      Dunno, racing all through 90% of the 20th Century was done with laces and we don’t have huge piles of tales of laces gone wrong stories. The old double knot usually did the trick, or tucking the laces ends back under the crossed over laces.

    • There’s a lace keeper in the tongue that keeps that from happening….

      • Brandon Elliott

        The lace keeper keeps them from getting caught in stuff, probably. But I’ve seen some crashes that a lace keeper wouldn’t help with. Then again, I’ve also had buckles fail. My point had less to do with the laces getting caught in something than needing to make any last-minute adjustments or adjustments during the race.

        I love the camo Empires, but I’ve found myself making last-minute adjustments in staging before that wouldn’t have been possible with laces.

  • Hannah Roberts