Mash SF: Chas Christiansen Nov 16, 2013

I can take a few minutes from hosting guests to post this. Chas is on fire in this new edit from Mash. Now that’s endurance training…

Must see!

  • Daniel Ray Varner


    • the best

    • zeeeeeeecore

      “how can I ever grow? around people I don’t know!”

  • Tyler Shannon

    gnarly! i love how stoked he looks the entire time

  • Jake Ricker

    Seriously the sickest cycling clip I’ve seen in years!
    Killin it Chas!!!!

  • sprint4burritos

    whoa there…he’s sprinting AWAY from burritos if I’m not mistaken about the geography. I can’t say I support that. But he is KRUSHING it.

  • walla walla

    this guy is a complete idiot. He can’t even ride up the hill- and rides on the wrong side of the road the entire clip… This is why cars hate bikers!! fuck this guy

    • he waves to a car 10 seconds in, even got on the sidewalk to let them pass. Since he’s on foot, he actually should go against traffic.

      • Evan

        None of this makes sense.

        • When you walk, you should face traffic.

          • Evan

            When you walk, you shouldn’t be doing it in the street.

    • Liam


    • Meanwhile, you post anonymously like a coward. You’d walk up that hill on your road bike. Ever ride in SF?

      • Kiel_M

        Motorists hate cyclists because 80% of casual riders know fuck all about riding a bike and because of kids on fixies bombing hills through opposing traffic.

        • … and because people are overly-entitled.

    • Michael

      Congrats, you’re responsible for my first ever post here: FUCK YOU!

  • Daniel Moncada

    Rad music, some SF streets are no joke.

    • Exactly. These clowns never leave their towns and have surely never ridden up that hill in SF!

  • Evan

    uh….guy running with his bike up a hill…am I missing something? This is cool? Am I just too old?

    • Devil’s Advocate

      cool has nothing to do with it. it’s fun. he’s having fun. you’re never too old for fun.

  • These comments remind me of the Tark boards.

  • Davey Struthers

    so good! ultimate cross training!!, made this grey old day alot cooler

  • Kevin Ehman

    full stoke and cosign for street track cross training

  • D A N.

    haters gonna hate, but that was pretty exciting looking

  • DbD

    Dude is having fun. Last I checked that’s all that matters.

  • Otavio Savietto

    sick! but…
    Toe overlap is a dangerous thing!

    • It’s a true track bike. It’s gonna have toe overlap. Eliminating overlap on a track bike means the trail isn’t true track…

      • Otavio Savietto

        true, it just seems a bit extreme… he cold keep the ‘neutral trail’
        (= <60mm) there, have all track deliciouness…
        I guess his feet don't stick out that much once they are inserted in
        the cages…

        • My road bike has overlap because I’d rather have it ride and handle well.

          • Otavio Savietto

            mine too, but just “toe” overlap, not ankle overlap :)

          • AdamEldridge

            74.7 HA + 33mm fork offset +25mm tire = A delicious 57mm of mechanical trail. :)

          • Look, you can go talk to Chas and Walt about the bikes. I’m just telling the masses what I was told from them. I don’t personally care about true track geometry. My Icarus is pretty relaxed.

            People just want to nitpick about everything.

          • AdamEldridge

            Different strokes for different folks. Built mostly as ordered to put food on the dinner table. When the sun sets at the days end a bike is a bike, PBR is BL and good times are had. It was interesting to hear rider feedback on the C. rigs in Milan. CX looked rad! :)

          • Otavio Savietto

            By the way Adam, I deeply admire your work.
            All respect, Sr.

  • Trev

    Chas always makes riding look fun and friendly.

  • Adam
  • Tyler Johnson


  • This is so FUCKING awesome omg.

  • Nicolas Derudder

    How does he brake like that with a single speed? @1.09

  • Brian Cottrell-Thompson

    From the hoofing it up hills to the song, that was rad! Go to SF and just TRY to ride those hills… They will wear you out just looking at them.

  • eilif knutson


  • Galvin T Period 8

    I am a runner and i ride a track bike, i think that its better to run up the hills rather than ride my bike up. Its faster than going in zigzags and saves energy rather than riding straight up. Dont talk shit im pretty you’ve never been to SF and actually tried riding your bikes up the hills like these.

  • Crihs

    I would of rode the hill =P

  • Crash Override

    So I just watched Rainier Scheafer climb this hill.. Not to discredit Chas here, but it does seem a little strange to film a guy running up a hill with his bike. I mean, why not start filming when he is actually on the bike? anyway, thats just me, i think you gotta climb to earn the descent.