Keep Cross Weird Photos!

What an event! For the past year, I’ve been putting in intense laps on this little piece of singletrack over on the east side of Austin. It’s not much, but for me, it got me in mode for cross season. When I casually mentioned the idea about doing a race here in Austin to Jeff from All-City, he was so down. The only question was: is it gonna be weird?

I never thought making an event weird was the key ingredient. I was just reminded of the cheesy tie-dye “Keep Austin Weird” shirts but when Kyle and Jeff got into town, they wanted to know how the race was going to be weird.

Honestly, I did very little, other than make a tough, technical and different race go down. 50 people registered, twice as many spectated and about 30 finished. There were glow-sticks marking off the treachery, log hops, muddy run ups, a 200-foot sand sprint, fast, twisty singletrack, a long wooden staircase run-up and a creek crossing.

One guy raced it on a BMC track bike, another on a fixed gear, there were three mountain bikes, a bunch of cross bikes and a basket bike. Oh and Tucker showed up on his neon pedicab.

The fastest lap was 9 minutes and the winner did an extra because he didn’t believe me that the race was done.

So in the end, this race was pretty fucking weird and no one was hurt! We ended the night at Yellow Jacket Social Club where I threw all the race money back at the participants with a keg of beer and cash prized for the top 3 and 1st lady.

There were a bunch of photographers on hand, but I chose to post Nick Cantrell‘s and Gideon Tsang‘s photos from the Yellow Jacket.

Check out Erik Binggeser’s photos here, Dirt Drops’ here and J.A. Hicks’ very pro photos here!

Austin, you surprise me every time.


    I really respect ma dude on the bmc track tho

    • Richard Smith

      Wow. Didn’t even noticed until you pointed that out. Somebody didn’t get the memo that fixed gear alley cats are out, and CX fun races are in!!

      • JGADGET

        Cranksgiving is comin up!

      • Youre missing the point! It’s duder’s only bike and he was stoked. I don’t see what you’re trying to say?

        • Richard Smith

          I thought maybe he thought he was going to an alley cat and it turned out to be a cyclocross race…
          Kudos to the guy for taking part!

          • He was passing fools too! It was so good!

          • Eddie Jacobson

            Terry’s a monster, man. 51 years old and still crushes it. He actually has a 25th anniversary bmc roadie and a ridiculous mountain bike but he thought the mtb would be too easy to ride. One of a kind dude. Never caught him after he passed.

  • Eddie Jacobson

    That was fun, man. Thanks again for putting it together with All-City. I probably should’ve left ET at home but then who would’ve held my whiskey?

  • Ian M. Summers

    Damn we need some renegade races in Portland.