I’m Really Loving the Tenspeed Hero Stealth Club Jersey Nov 11, 2013




It’s hard to believe that this is the typical Austin “fall riding” wear. Short sleeve jersey and bibs. Maybe arm warmers. Out of all my road-cycling kits, for some reason I keep coming back to this combo: the Tenspeed Hero Stealth Club Jersey and the Team Dream ENDO Compression bibs.

Both fit exceptionally well and are classic additions to anyone’s collection. In fact, I’m a huge fan of everything Tenspeed Hero is doing but I had never owned one of their jerseys before. They’re made in Italy, from tech fabrics and the fit is pretty spot on. I haven’t owned a club-fit jersey (size large) in over a year, so I was surprised at how the chest in particular felt a little more roomy than my tradition size large race fit kits.

What can I say? I don’t have to do posts like this but I’ve been really digging this jersey!

  • James

    Other than their awesome jerseys, what does Tenspeed Hero actually do?! I’ve never been able to understand their stuff. I never went to art school, I don’t plan on being European and I don’t care about Belgium. But yes, awesome jerseys.

    • It’s a brand. Like many that you probably associate riding with. Only they come from a fine art background, so their approach is a little different than other’s. They sponsor cross and road racers, make jerseys, caps, socks and in general, seem to be embracing the weirdness that is artsy fartsy stuffs…

      Give me this over the bullshit that the big brands put out in our LBS anyday… It’s accessible, affordable and designed very well.

    • japanesecowboy

      as with many cycling related projects, it’s much easier to not ask questions about what a company “does” and just enjoy their graphic designer’s work.

  • Jamie McKeon

    i have the white summer jersey, so legit!