I’m Always Thankful Nov 28, 2013


I don’t need a special day to remind me to be thankful because it never leaves my mind. Now this goes without saying but I cannot thank you enough for being such rad readers. Yes, even the ones who ruin the comments… Also I’d like to thank the supporters and sponsors of this site, to whom which I’m eternally grateful for everything they’ve done.

Now get out and ride this morning before your family and friends invade!

  • PapaDope

    your work is a huge source of inspiration, happiness and good vibes… best from France, Monsieur :)

  • PNT

    thanks for this site, your work and attitude

  • :)

    One day can we see a shot of all your bikes together?

    • Jamie McKeon

      would require a wide angle lens

  • Ian

    I’m headed out soon with the family to ride!

    Thanks for all the great content man.

  • Andrew Cohen

    Good stuff as always. Your attitude towards riding bikes is a reminder that it’s about getting off your ass and having fun first and foremost. Cheers!

  • kermitonwheels

    You make it fun for us, if that’s fun for you then that’s awesome. Thanks.

  • Thanks for all the great posts and photography. Your support of bike shops, small builders and US brands is appreciated.