I Just Got Home and I Already Miss It Nov 5, 2013


Photo by Andy White

… Literally. Just walked in the door after 24+ hours of traveling and all I can think is how for the first time all year, I finally felt like this last trip to Australia was truly a vacation. I rode four times total, aside from pedaling around town each day, ate without guilt, drank without worry, my camera barely left my bag, I shot maybe half a roll of 35mm film and we didn’t do one of those big big rides. Oh and I ate a lot of meat pies.

It’s weird how a place across the globe can feel like home, and in a lot of ways, can make travel there somewhat lazy. The weather was shit 95% of the days, cold, windy, rainy. We had two sunny days, luckily, both of which were spent on good rides. I just felt, kind of like doing nothing. This year’s been really tough and before you chastise me with some “boo hoo, I have to travel all the time and ride my bike” remark, trust me, it gets exhausting!

Luckily, I’ve got some good friends down in Melbourne and I was perfectly content keeping Dan and Malachi company all day. Maybe it’s the jetlag talking but this trip down under was a sobering one and yet, I kinda wanna go back once it warms up…

  • Jamie McKeon

    now let’s take bets on how long it will be until you move here

  • Bobby Joel

    Just curious, as a seasoned pro, how do you pack and travel with your bike and ensure a safe delivery/return for it?

  • Alex Yan

    It’s warming up at the moment, 30 celsius degrees today, but well, it’s Melbourne, nek minit can still be cold n bitter, again. So, don’t worry mate, just come.

  • La Belle Machine

    Come to Adelaide for the Tour Down Under… and the Australian Custom Bike show is on here 24-26 January as well!

  • Alex Forbes

    Those are the best “vacations” where you truly get to rest and give yourself a reboot. It can really put things in perspective, and it sounds like it was exactly what you needed!