Hey There, Sunshine Nov 12, 2013



Photos by Andy White

Sorry to be re-blogging so much of Fyxo’s content these days but he keeps posting photos of some of my best friends, including this lovely lady. Adria is arguably the brains behind Trackosaurus Rex. She’s helped Kyle out with various things over the years, including designing the Golden Saddle Cyclery kits. While I wouldn’t say she has a style, she definitely has a touch and that spills over into all aspects of her life.

Fyxo shot some great photos of Adria and her Landshark cruiser. Check them out here and if you would like to hire Adria for design work, holler here.

  • David Spiva

    Annie is such a good shop dog. She’s darling.

  • Kyler Martz

    I think that Landshark used to live in Seattle, rad photos!