Heavy Pedal: Zephyr Aluminum Low Pro Track Framesets Nov 11, 2013


The guys at Heavy Pedal have creates something so strange and so weird that it just works! Introducing their Zephyr track frameset:

“We decided that we wanted to make a bike within the last year. At a time when everyone seems to be rushing to make the cheapest bike out of the cheapest materials for the wrong reasons— we decided to take a step back and do some research. What we gathered was our deep appreciation for NJS bikes, the Cannondale Track and also bike designers that were driven to stand out, like Landshark (none of which have any affiliation to us). So, when we decided that The Heavy Pedal would make a bike we took all three, great ideas into account. We introduce to you, Zephyr.”

Check out more photos and specs below!

zephyr-large-blue-1 zephyr-large-blue-2 zephyr-large-blue-3 zephyr-large-blue-4 zephyr-large-blue-5 zephyr-large-pink-1 zephyr-large-pink-2 zephyr-large-pink-3 zephyr-large-pink-4 zephyr-large-pink-5

The Heavy Pedal Zephyr

Price Point: $649.99
Available in Two Different Colors, Comes With Frame and Fork
**Bikes Begin Shipping by the Second Week of December**

Tubeset: Double Butted 6061 Aluminum
Construction: Smooth Welded
Headset Diameter: 1″ (Threaded)
Seatpost Diameter: 27.2MM
BB Shell: ISO Threaded
Fork: 1″ Threaded – Lugged Steel – Crown Fork

  • bob

    Fork: 1″ Threaded – Lugged Steel – Crown Fork?
    why because of the 80’s paintjob?

    • Jaap

      1″ is narrower, as a result, more aerodynamic

      • guest


      • No, it’s because they wanted it to be an exact replica of the Cannondale track. It has nothing to do with aerodynamics. That’s just silly.

    • marco primo

      i don’t know about aearodynamics. Probably because of NJS.

  • Parker

    Super cool.
    I kinda wish it wasn’t a threaded fork, but still a cool homage to its inspiration I guess.

  • Jake Ricker

    Dig it!
    Very proud of my AZ homies!

  • kermitonwheels

    That’s cheap (price).

  • Jerry

    looks like the seat tubes were reamed out with an old razor blade!