Firefly Bicycles: Purple and Turquoise Dream Machine Nov 21, 2013



I feel like this is the route I’d go if I ever had a custom-anodized titanium bike. It’s simple, yet clean and refined. At this point, it’s what you’ve come to expect from frame builders like Firefly.

Also, why can’t more builders shoot their bikes like this? See more exceptional photography at the Firefly Flickr!



    • Zev

      …. would probably ride this bike.

  • grayson

    It’s probably a secret they hold close but I’d love to see their anodizing process (they’ve posted masking pictures before). There are some DIY tutorials on the web but they don’t really mention best-practices and such.

    I have a Silver Series frame coming and I’d like to customize it by anodizing, paint never really looks right on Ti (to me).

    • Joshua Robot

      I’ve been wanting to get ahold of some broken Ti frames to play with anodizing myself. My suggestion would be to just try it!

  • Tate

    Thats my Dad’s bike. These guys were so awesome to work with, nothing but professionals.

  • btdubs

    Look at all dat Dura ace.

  • Joshua Robot