Café du Cycliste Nov 12, 2013



I know it’s hard to look at photos of a product online and determine its craft, or quality and thus, its worth or value. Especially with everyone and their mum doing outerwear these days. I’ve heard a lot about this brand, Café du Cycliste, but like you, I’d never seen it in person.

During my last trip to Melbourne, Malachi from Northside Wheelers had some pieces from the line in stock and it looked great. So here I am, saying that yes, indeed I believe the merino line is indeed worth the asking price.

See the full Café du Cycliste line here!

  • bermstyle

    Dig the aesthetic of the quilted wind block front.

  • Doc S

    I bought the Ginette softshell jacket last year and wear it throughout the winter months with great satisfaction. Quality is comparable to the Rapha stuff whereas the style is more “mediterranean”—whatever that means :)

  • aeriolabehaviour

    Just got my second pair of bibs from them, they are really really good! Better than Rapha’s! Also have the technowool Yolande long sleeve jersey and what a damn fine garment it is! I’m super happy with their products. Customer service is excellent too!

  • Carl Otto Wollin

    I have several pieces from Café du Cycliste, and the quality is very nice and in my opinion much nicer than Rapha. Café du Cycliste are made in eastern europe with high quality fabrics from Italy. Rapha on the other hand are highly overrated and made in the far east. I like the styling more from Café du Cycliste they are genuine cyclists, they have a informative website when you are looking for routes in Cote d´Azure

    • I really do like their apparel. I just wish they’d make a “French Black Metal” edition of all-black jerseys and bibs… ;-)