Jeff’s All-City 853 Macho King Hydro Disc Cross

Being the brand manager for a company like All-City certainly has its perks. One of which being you get to cook up ideas for new bikes, ride said bikes and have your buddies Instagram and photograph these bikes. My job, although the later is already understood, was to make said bike plenty dirty for the photo shoot.

Since Jeff from All-City got into town for the Keep Cross Weird race, we’ve been riding everyday and aside from one MTB session, it’s all been on the local roads, trails and tracks here in Austin. Rocks, mud, river crossings, sand, limestone and more, the whole time Jeff was so stoked to be riding this bike. Why? Because it’s unlike anything All-City has cooked up before.

Hydraulic disc brakes, courtesy of SRAM, a disc Whisky parts fork, Reynolds 853 tubing and a mix of other spare parts Jeff had lying around, certainly put this bike in the well used category. When I asked if Jeff wanted to wait for his new cranks, seatpost and saddle to come in prior to shooting the bike, he replied “this is how I ride my bikes!”. Honesty that matters.

The All City 853 Macho King is a prototype and whether it goes to production or not, depends on the people’s demands. If you like this bike and want to see it go to production, holler at Jeff in the comments!

Check out more #lightbro shots in the Gallery!

  • Not mad about the fork (aesthetically), but the rest absolutely rocks. Build it and they will come.

  • Matt Edwards

    Bah! Wish this was out. I love the color-way and the tubing. I guess I’ll have to settle for the current macho man disc.

  • Bruno Moreno

    Badass, I would love to see this model go to production. I really like the paint, reminds me of the Speedvagen horizon paint scheme.

  • Caden Burross

    I’M DEMANDING! I’d scoop an 853 cross frame without question, amazing tubing.

  • phil caridi

    Can we get a replaceable derailleur hanger?? Other wise I’m in!!

    • Eric Baumann

      the funny thing about derailleur hangers…they are way more likely to bend/break if they are of the replaceable variety. also, if you have a steel hanger, you can pretty easily straighten it out without any ill effects (should you need to), but would have to replace an alloy one altogether in the same situation. so, while i certainly understand the desire for a replaceable hanger, i wouldnt let it be a deal-breaker, as a beefy steel hanger will serve 99% of people just fine (as they have for decades).

      • bleui

        Thanks for this information, now I have more confidence with my steel hanger

  • naisemaj

    I love everything about it, although I already have a disc road bike so I’d probably hesitate to buy it. Is the modulation from hydro that noticeable on the road? I love them for the mountain but use mechanical on the road.

  • Patrick Taylor

    Yes Please

  • kasual

    Yes, yes indeed! In fact, more Reynolds across the whole range (and a disc version of the Space Horse!)

    • btdubs

      Not to make this into a steel frame tubing debate (the mother of all pointless debates) but if I had a choice I’d take a frame made from True Temper OX Platinum over Reynolds or Columbus. Just a nicer riding tubeset in my opinion, but the other side of that is that it tends to be less expensive.

      • kasual

        haha, yeah, not to open that Pandora’s box. I’ve never ridden True Temper, but I prefer my 853 over any of the Columbus frames I’ve owned / ridden. Really just getting at my desire to see more tubing options from all-city (like the zona nature boy and mr. pink), not that there’s anything wrong with the 612 select, but special editions are always nice.

  • Charles Southgate


    Any idea on weight? Any idea on a version with sliders?

  • Richard Smith

    Looks very similar to this
    I’d like either and/or both!

  • Keith Gibson


  • Parker

    Looks rad, I say make them

  • elknotty

    I need this!!

  • pwslavik

    yes i would buy one of these. pre-order. form local shop. whatever

  • Alex Steinker

    The FD cable routing/tube exit is PERFECT. Details…

  • Nathan Deweber

    I will pay money for one of these

    • Liam

      real money? I would pay some real money for one also!

  • mookauu

    Is that an oversized headtube or are you happy to see me? Tapered forks FTW!

  • matthew thomsen

    That is exactly what I am looking for. I will buy one!

  • Robert Gallagher

    Was going to buy a Macho Man disc but now wondering if I should wait to see if this one makes it to production!

  • Lee

    Oh hell yes!! Please keep the rack mounts on the dropouts for light touring.

    • Geoffrey Colburn

      Macho Man rack mounts were never intended for loads. They’re fender braze-ons and not reinforced.

  • fred

    Please please make this I love 853!!!

  • Impalpablestate

    A Reynolds 853 frame? I’m up for it!

  • Eric Hancock

    Very yes.

  • Spencer Pond

    Some day when I have the money. Put simply: Hell yeah! and in this Colorway too, but with canti mounts though

  • N8theDestroyer

    I’m going to be in the market for a cross bike early next year. I would love if this were available. I’ve currently got my eyes on the canti Macho Man.

  • Matt

    I think the single speed folks out there would absolutely love to have a Nature Boy disc option!!!!!

  • dukmon

    Hell…… I just went to your site to buy one for my wife and maybe one for me……. then realized the 853 is a prototype.


  • Natalie Pitts

    Dang. That’s beautiful. All-City should at least think about doing some more interesting paint jobs like this – I’d be all over a Space Horse with that paint!

  • Paul Hamad


  • Carl Anderson

    No. Please do not put this into production. Ever. I just bought a new ‘loominum cross bike from a big boring manufacturer (rhymes with “shrek”, and I do not want to be addled with remorse for not holding out for one of these. I want to like my new bike, so please, GTFO with that beautiful bike, thank you very much.

  • Brother Maynard

    So here I am looking at building a new CX bike for next season in Australia. Do like the Macho Man Disc, but it’s a little heavy. Was leaning towards a Chinese carbon frame. But I rate skinny steel tubes over plastic any-day… This bike looks ace. Light tubing, tapered steerer, carbon fork. All the good things without the plastic look. Count me in!

  • RWilliams

    Definitely would love to see a Nature Boy Zona SS with disc option. That 853 Macho Man would sell like hot cakes as well!

  • kenearley

    I would absolutely get this bike. Please let this be available by next CX season.

  • Merlyn

    Build this with a threaded BB and you can have my money today. Seriously.

  • movemint

    make dat shiz

    and make it SS convertible somehow

  • Frank

    Hi. Yep, I’ll also put my hand up for such a bicycle yes please. Though I’d prefer a threaded bb. And those tucked away fender mounts (are they still there on this new version?). And will the canti version be 853 as well? Fingers crossed. It does look great!

  • travis_pedals

    No longer rumor…jeezus, MAKE IT IN THESE COLORS! This would force me to stop pretending my 20yo Schwinn Crosscut is a CX bike.

  • rossp634


  • JPspin

    Shut up and take my money! I’d have to kit this with Ultegra disc.

  • Brian Kesselman

    Make this bike! Please

  • Josh

    I would totally get this! Please make it available!

  • jmartGTI

    Yea, an 853 frame will be a sweet cross bike! Be nice to use this tubing across the entire All-City line.