Hahn’s Rossman 650B Dirt Tourer

This bike has a long, jaded history, beginning with the early days of the Rapha Continental. I’ll let the story be told by others, because I’ll surely miss some important detail. The short of it is, this frame sat in two separate basements for over 10 years before finally being powder-coated and built up to be ridden on the last Brovet here in Austin (literally, he built it up the day before).

650B, tubeless-ready, Shimano 105, single speed convertible, off-road geometry and a bright orange paint make this Rossman a very unique and strange machine. Is it a “gravel grinder”, a tourer, or a cross bike? Who knows.

Hahn Rossman‘s builds have past the rigorous testings of Bicycle Quarterly and I have to say, this is my favorite bike of Hahn’s to date! Catch it at the Seattle cross races as Hahn thrashes it in the single speed division!

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  • BAM

    What’s the benefit of having gear shifters like these? I’ve noticed they’re popular on touring bikes, but why?

    And of course: Nice bike!

    • Izzy Mandelbaum

      Less internal moving parts means less to go wrong for the long haul. And if you do have a problem field repair is easy.

      • BAM

        Aiit. Thanks.

        But as a sidenote, coming from someone who oviously only ridden gear-free and STI: Wouldn’t the classic frame shifters do the same work, and make it more stable while shifting in certain situations? since the shifters are more centered on the bike? Balance-wise I mean.

        • Izzy Mandelbaum

          I know people who tour with down tube shifters, it’s the ultimate in simplicity, but not more stable. The less your hands have to move from the bars the better the stability.

          • that is correct! Sometimes taking your hand off the bar can cause the bike to move when you’re loaded down.

          • BAM

            Haha, I just had to do a quick test ride to “check” my theory, without actual shifters though.. and I guess you’re right. Somehow I just thought shifters on the end of the bars would be more tricky to operate. Thanks anyways, always nice to learn something new.

        • Gabriel Fukfasebock Ytterberg

          It can be hard or impossible to shift downtube shifters off road. Fire roads and tame trails are one thing, but a twisty course with lots of little ups and downs makes it really tough to take one hand off the bars at the right moment. Bar ends can be shifted with both hands on the bars, sitting, standing, whatever.

          Note that most Shimano bar ends don’t have a friction mode on the right shifter anymore. Pretty sure all 10 and 11 speed are index-only on the rear. Friction shifting is tough with gears so close together, but it removes the crash damage backup option.

          • Yeah, the front derailleur is all friction now. No indexing… at least not on SRAM’s barcons. My touring rig is indexed r.d. and friction f.d.

          • Microshift makes the excellent BS-T10 10 speed barcon shifters. Friction front and friction-index switchable rear.

          • Edward Scoble

            I find that the Microshift’s friction mode a pleasure to use than the Shimano’s, which felt like a grind.

      • Yup – even if the bar ends fail and no longer index, you still have the option of friction shifting.

  • Miles

    front skewers on backwards.. ;)

    • No it’s not. Many people do that with disc brakes, it ensures you won’t burn yourself on the rotor or smudge it when you do a flat fix.

      • Edward Scoble

        Is that something that actually happened? first I’ve heard of it.

        • grayson

          Just out of curiosity I touched my rotor after a fun descent on a trail. Never again.

  • hans

    really dig this!

  • Tyler Shannon

    Oh man, I love this. It looks ready to get the hell ridden out of it

  • chris campbell

    Super super nice!

  • Hahn Rossman

    Those barends are a set of NOS 8spd ones that were lurking in the back of my shop. They are perfect for the application! Friction option, cheap parts, strong chain, and I don’t need to completely recable/tape the bars when I switch it back for single speed cyclocross next fall. It was great to finally test out the 700cross/650dirt road convertible theory I had been mulling over for the last while.

    • Wade Schultz

      Any chance you got the XT rear mech from Recycled? That paint marker looks familiar. . .

    • Aelic Emery

      Bike looks just as pretty in person. how’d you do in Bilenky and SSCXWC?

      • Hahn Rossman

        I had a great time in philly! I really went for the bilenky race, but the course for worlds was wonderful! The qualifer in the junkyard was one of the most dangerous things I.ve done on a bike in quite a while. I lined up with two of my good friends and main rivals from seattle along with a bunch of other folk who seemed intent on “winning” . We have an extremely developed single speed cross culture in Seattle so I guessed that we would prevail and be the qualifiers from our heat. Dirty randy was consumed by the imp of the perverse,possibly aggravated by all the beer being consumed, and entertained himself by cutting the course whenever possible and throwing his bike over obstacles! Meanwhile Nat, myself, and some skinny fit dude with tubulars ran a clinic. It was fun, and by the end I was only bleeding from my knee so I considered it a total victory. The next day for the main event was total chaos in the best way. I have no idea at all where I finished, except that I was drinking a beer at the keg on the runup when Adam and the local talent lapped me on the last lap. The snow was even heavier for the ladies, and I had a great time walking the course and talking to the crowd while watching that death march. The run up morphed into even more hectic scene, and we could barely find our bikes under the inches of snow that fell on them during that hour. So good!

  • Noel Smith

    Sweet ride. Dirty bikes are so much hotter than perfectly clean ones imo. Althought what’s up with the seatpost shim!?!

  • Aaron

    Imagine if the comments were always this fun to read.

  • Gabriel Lyman

    oh my, this is outstanding! lovely build.

  • Jamie McKeon

    awesome that you’re wearing orange while you shot this

  • Eric Hancock

    This is a Frankenstein in the best possible way.

  • Ham Sandwich

    there’s that weird ass DT guide placement again….

  • garudablend

    Recognition where it’s due: Paul and Simon at the Peddler bike shop built this up after closing the night before the Austin brovet.
    Thanks for the water-bottle shout-out – well-played, Prolly!

  • Western Rapid

    So, will somebody enlighten us as to why this lovely frame sat in a basement for a decade? I can’t be the only one who’s intrigued…

  • Micheal Boedigheimer


  • Hahn Rossman

    Wade you nailed it! I was delighted to see it there while looking for various bits to get this bike shifting.

  • Joe Jeffery

    Excellent sentiment on the waterbottle.