Caleb’s Hufnagel Porteur

The Hufnagel porteurs are my all time favorite, especially since Jordan has put the frame building torch aside while he and West America-partner James head south to Mexico on their dirt bikes. The rugged, utilitarianism of these frames is only exceeded by the sophistication and lack of ostentation. Fillet brazed, simple and mostly made with domestically-produced components, they’re timeless…

Caleb’s one of the locals here in Austin that owns one and every time I see it, I get a tad bit jealous. Especially knowing that Jordan has a single speed version in my size for sale right now (56cm ST 61cm TT). If you’re interested in that, email him! In the meantime, check out more photos of Caleb’s Hufnagel Porteur in the Gallery!

  • Fantastic, classy bike.

  • Mike Kimbro


  • Human Cyclist

    I’d probably remove or replace the mudguards myself. Love that front rack though. Might get one for my bike although steering might be tough!

    • Matthew J

      Unless you live in a desert those fenders mean the difference between a practical daily rider and a sunny day beauty queen.

      • bleui


  • One of Jordan’s Porteurs is up for sale at the moment:

  • Ted Barbeau

    I love when you feature bikes that serve a utilitarian purpose. I had the good fortune of acquiring a modified IF Club Racer that was shown at NAHBS but had been built for speedy commuting. 2-speed Schlumpf drive, disc brakes, Nitto front rack with a waterproof BaileyWorks bag (which I changed out for a Pass & Stow porteur recently). It’s the perfect companion for my daily commute.

    • Richard Smith

      Pics or it didn’t happen

      • Ted Barbeau

        Here is my daily driver. She’s actually still featured on IF’s site in the Super Commuter section in her original form (pictures 4-6). I bought it from Jamie Medeiros after he left IF to start Firefly.

        The two-speed is perfect for San Francisco.

        • Richard Smith

          Nice! I’d love a daily ride like this