Ahearne Cycles: Stainless Steel Touring Bike Nov 7, 2013



Photos by Anthony Bareno

Details, details and details. Like that NOS XTR derailleur, or that u-lock holster on the rear rack. Or the… and the… it keeps going. Seriously, there’s only one thing that makes an exceptional bicycle like this even more phonemenal and that’s great photos. See more of this Ahearne Cycles stainless steel touring bike at the Ahearne Flickr and read up on it at the Ahearne Blog.

  • Jack Luke

    Impressive details and a very finely crafted bike, but that hood angle? How distressing. Even with such an upright ride, it’s pretty bad.

  • Sebastian

    Weird rider posture aside, that is possibly one of the coolest and most thoughtfully-designed bikes I’ve ever seen.

  • hal

    Fuck me.

  • Christopher Morash

    Gorgeous ride, not sure why the flask holder is out of reach though…