44 Bikes Builds the Lovely D.E.B. for Richard Sachs Nov 27, 2013


The D.E.B., or the do-everything-bicycle is that one bike you have to have, or you think you want, to hold you over, or to replace the somewhat repetitive members of your stable. It’s a gravel bike, a road bike, a cross bike, a touring bike and yes, even a grocery getter. When Richard Sachs contacted 44 Bikes to design a bicycle for his wife, the guys took it very seriously.

Follow the progress of the D.E.B. at the 44 Bikes Flickr!

  • Greg Pinch

    Can I ask the obvious… why would Richard Sachs have someone else make a bike for his wife?

    • Same reason why architects have others design their home. It’s a departure.

      • Greg Pinch

        Good point ! I am a designer so I can understand collaborating with another designer, that has fresh eyes. Bike looks good btw !

        • Kristofer Henry

          Thanks for the kind words fellas. I asked the same question of Richard and the simple answer was he wanted a clean, modern tig welded steel frame. The conversation started but went a completely different direction once we established how Deb wanted to use her bicycle. So the initial spec is misleading but over the course of several conversations, we got down to what she wanted and I delivered what she needed.

    • Cameron

      Contrasting the details and style of bike it makes sense too. Disc brakes, TIG welded, rack mounts, etc. All very different than what Sachs does. Whole different approach for a different type of bike and a different type of rider.

  • Jack Luke

    Kris Henry is the nicest dude in custom bike building. No afraid to share his process!

  • Chris Valente

    If you are builder, that has got be one glorious day when you get that phone call. “Hi This is Richard Sachs, can you build me a bike?”

  • David Figueroa