Wolf Tooth Components: Made in the USA – 30t Single Ring Precision Oct 29, 2013


One of the reasons why I’m going XX1 on my new Rosko mountain bike is the simplicity of running a single ring up front. When you lose the front derailleur, it lightens the bike up, while freeing up your trigger location for a dropper post or front fork control. XX1 runs a 32 or 34 up front and up to a 42t cog in the back, which is an incredibly wide range.

But what if I want to run a single ring up front with my XT setup? Before, you’d have to have a chain keep, which isn’t an issue, but it certainly doesn’t look as sharp without anything holding your chain to the ring. One of the first things I noticed on Tim’s Yeti SB95c that I rode was the Wolf Tooth Components 30t 104BCD ring.

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Finally! I get to see how these unique chainrings work. I’ve contimplated putting one on my cross bike because every single race I’ve done, I’ve dropped my chain going down technical sections (funny thing is, I never do it when I’m trail riding). The Wolf Tooth “Drop-Stop” design allows you to run as low as a 30t on a 104 BCD, which prior, didn’t exist. Right?

These rings achieve the impossible by designing the rings to sit at a minute offset to the inside of the crank’s spider. Viola, 30t on a 104BCD. Now you’re getting a little closer to that 32 x 42 range, if you’ve got a 38t cassette in the back.

Test Shots: Yeti's SB95c 29'r Carbon MTB

Ok, so cut the shit, literally. How do they perform in heavy mud? Well, other reviews report zero issues but I’ve yet to test one out in those conditions. I will say that I didn’t drop a chain the whole ride, not even through rooty, technical, fast descents, or while hopping up and over logs. Hell, my XT double cranks can’t even keep my chain in place when I do that.


The best part is: the price and they’re made in the USA. Check out more FAQ’s at Wolf Tooth and pick one up at your local retailer or online for $75… Now I really want to get one for my cross bike!

  • raycarlking

    I’m riding mine on my CX bike, but never dropped when training, but dropped in every race I’ve had! Are you using a clutch derailleur?

    • I’ve yet to use it on my bike. Clutch derailleurs help. My MTB is a rigid though, so I don’t think I’d need one…

      • Sean Curran

        I love the clutch on my hardtail. Why wouldn’t you want one on your rigid? I couldn’t believe how awesome my first ride alone with it was, the only noise was from my tires and chain guide (which will soon go).

        If your using the wide narrow ring without a clutch, I don’t think your getting the most out of it with preventing chain drop.

        • raycarlking

          Good thoughts. I’m riding shimano on the cross bike, but apparently the MTB clutch derailleurs aren’t compatible with road shifters, like SRAM.

          • Sean Curran

            Yeah, people seem to have good luck with the sram setup for cross, If I wasnt running shimano too I’d give it a shot.

  • AustinK

    I love my Wolf Tooth ring. I have the direct mount version for sram cranks. Performs perfectly when matched to a clutch derailleur.

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    My X.9 Type 2 derailleur is incredible on my new Seven. Would never go back to a non-clutch derailleur on a bike that will be ridden offroad. The Wolf Tooth would just be icing on the cake if I decide to go 1 x.

    • Chad Shack

      Kerry your 1 x-sexual.

  • mookauu

    Although not Made in the USA (Canada, eh?), Race Face makes their single narrow/wide chainring in a 30t. I believe you have to use a shim to get the 30t to fit properly. It has the same XX1 tooth design to work as a built in chainguide. I run the 32t on my 1×10 setup and it’s awesome.

    • Yep. I’ve had a few things from them before. I just wish the branding wasn’t so over the top… :-

      • Harry

        Those Race Face ones are double sided, more minimal on the reverse side. I still think the Wolf Tooth ones look better though.

        • The cranks aren’t reversible!

          • Casey McMann

            Race Face’s narrow wide chainrings are made in Taiwan.

  • Chad Shack

    You could always run an MTB derailleur with clutch drive on your CX with single up front and no chain watcher and be good. That’s what I ride and have not dropped a chain yet. I have Sram XO Type 2 with XX1 crank. Works like a charm.

    • Chad Shack

      Homeboy already brought it up. NVM.

  • Charles Southgate

    great for blowing up chains.