The Lever+ Bike Tool by Townie Syndicate Oct 29, 2013

For a while, I refused to post Kickstarter campaigns. Mostly because the products seemed chintzy or a little too hastily designed. Until recently, I’ve been coming across some products that are so simple that I want to share them. That’s what I thought about the Lever+ Bike Tool.

It’s a tire lever, something most people carry when they ride, combined with a 4 mm, 5 mm hex, Phillips head driver and a T-25 Torx head driver. Basically everything you’d need in a multi-tool, stuffed into the plastic gut of a tire lever.

Check out more information on the Lever+ at its Kickstarter campaign.

  • Isaac Laughlin

    I like that you could use it with $0.80 hardware store hex wrenches if you’re willing to give up the phillips and the torx.

  • edscoble

    It still got the fundamental flaw that the tools are separated.

    • ? what makes that a flaw? Explain please…

      • edscoble

        Because it’s likely to have the part missing over time, tool kits such as the Leatherman for example are generally popular because the part aren’t removable and thus less risk of it going missing, you get what I’m saying?

        • Yeah and then you buy another tool for $.50 from the hardware store… ;-)

          • edscoble

            That’s a fair point indeed, you can also said that I should be looking after my stuff properly too!

  • Sebastian Kills Francis

    I was interested in bike multitools like this and “The Nutter”, but i have a Leatherman CX with bit extender and bit set…..and i don’t know how that can be beat. It is practical for the bike and other things.

    this seems cool though if your spending $15.