SWRVE: Digital Camo Quick Dry Trousers Oct 23, 2013

SWRVE_DigiCamo-01 SWRVE_DigiCamo-02

Cold weather is here and all I keep wondering is if my picks for summer shorts will translate to my winter pants. So far, it’s looking that way. SWRVE’s digital camo quick dry shorts were a perfect summer companion and now, they’re making pants!

“Made from USA-made Durastretch® digi camo fabic that is water and wind repellant and has 4-way stretch for amazing comfort these trouser are perfect in every way. loaded with bike- friendly features, quick to dry, and totally invisible in the scrub brush* these are cut to perform seamlessly on a bike and stylishly in the world and are sure to be your go-to trousers on and off the bike.

limited edition, MADE IN USA”

Pick up a pair at SWRVE.

  • campirecord

    cjeck out the williamsburg jeans camos, just picked up a pair, a bit thin in cotton but great summer and nice trad camo.

  • spcycuttlefish

    All this camo is getting a little out of hand

  • Name

    These are Butt Fugly. I’m active duty US Army and wear this crap daily. Oh, and I can get long pants with the same camo pattern, thicker fabric, heavier duty either through the uniform shop on Fort Campbell or any number of online retailers for less than half the price. Butt Fugly and expensive…fail!

    • … and they’ll take hours to dry, not minutes.

  • Dustin

    Yeah those are hideous. So at least the aesthetic lines up with the high fashion price point. :P

    • LOL high fashion price. Or just not made in China. But whatever.

      • Dustin

        Some of us don’t get all our gear for free. Plenty of US made products that don’t have drastically inflated MSRP’s outside of the bike industry. Swrve isn’t near as bad as Outlier, however, so that’s a plus. That said $150 is way too much for a pair of 4way strech nylon pants (especially considering intended purpose), no matter what fancy name you rebrand your fabric under.

        • That material isn’t cotton. It’s actually about 8x as expensive as cotton. This isn’t inflated pricing either, it’s a very small mark up, which is why brands like SWRVE and Outlier can’t do wholesale pricing.

          Also, I pay for things like this.