Signal Cycles: Crusade Frames in Japan Oct 31, 2013


It’s gotta feel great to work your ass off on a project and have it end splendidly. Or rather, begin splendidly upon completion. The guys at Signal have been in a production crunch zone for the past few weeks, preparing their new Crusade cross frames for a trip to Japan.

There’s a rad write-up on their site, as well as a few production photos and a race report from Osaka. Head over to the Signal blog and see the first and second post for yourself!

Something tells me this is only the beginning for the Signal Crusade…

  • AttackCowboy

    Those are some rad looking bikes. I can’t wait to hear more from Signal about these bikes and what it would take to get my hands on one.

    • Signal Cycles

      Thanks for the comments. This was a cross bike we designed and took orders for from March 1 to May 1 with a delivery of late summer. All the orders came from Japan. We’re big in Japan. We will be opening another production model this winter, a super race road bike, and will do the Crusade again in 2014.

      • AttackCowboy

        Great to hear. I’ll have to look at the ol’ bike budget for next year. . .

  • egladdin

    Love the retroshifts!

    This is an awesome bike.