So there we were, planning our drive to Las Vegas for Interbike when Andy throws out the idea “mates, let’s go to the Grand Canyon”, like it’s on the way or something. Personally, I’d rather spend a day or two riding in LA than on the road, so I schemed with Kyle on how to convince the Aussie that there are perfectly fine parks not as far out of the way.

Solution: Zion National Park. We’d drive straight through Vegas and head two hours east. Get there in time to swim and then go on a hike before camping that night. Simple enough. So we drove and landed in Zion with two hours of sunlight remaining. Our agenda: Angel’s Landing.

I had one roll of film left.

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Tools of the trade:
Leica M7 / Zeiss 28mm / Fuji Pro400H

  • ZianStudios

    Wow! This place looks absolutely fantastic, lovely photos too.

  • Casey C.

    Beautiful John. Your photo sets are always on point. This one seems pretty special.

  • Molly

    Just looking at a few of those made my palms sweat! Gorgeous.

  • ttalpwehttam

    5 miles in under an hour!? Were you running? A really swift hiking pace is 2-3 mph. Beautiful set of an amazing place!

    • So maybe it was a little over an hour. I was just trying to give you a point of reference for the time of day / urgency of our pace. We were definitely hauling ass to get to the top.

      • ttalpwehttam

        For sure. Zion is definitely an amazing place, especially Angel’s Landing!

  • Harry

    Australia has Ayers Rock, mate. Big huge rock.

  • Michael

    I know it is hard to not take a good shot in Zion, but these go way beyond. Stunning.

  • Julio Saenz

    I nearly shit myself at that photo of Fyxo looking over the edge. Fuck everything about that. #natureisscary

    • Dustin


  • btdubs

    Hory shetballs that is one scary hike and some amazing scenery.

  • Jamie McKeon


  • Adrian Atanacio

    #NatureIsMetal > #NatureIsScary

  • Jake Ricker

    Great set dude!
    I’ve always wanted to go here and have yet to make it out.