The End of Summer Bummers

It’s the end of Summer. That means my busiest time of year is finally over. After finally combing through all my random film scans, I’ve pulled together a big photoset filled with shots from all over the globe. From Zurich to Columbus, there are some gems in this one. See for yourself in the Gallery!

Tools of the trade:
Yashica T4 / Leica M7 28mm / Neopan 400

  • Man, epic album. Probably one of your best. Just a great spirit to it.

  • Richard

    Whoa, I designed that Fyxation Shirt in #23

  • PNT

    this is too good, the true spirit of cycling!

  • Robert Keith Costin

    Hi John! Can you tell us how you carry/store/shoot with your camera while riding? I have yet to find a safe and satisfactory way to bring my rangefinder with me on road rides. Amazing shots, as always!

  • aeriolabehaviour

    you guys are so fucking lucky!

  • ZianStudios
  • Loved this album.

  • Carl Exter

    What rolltop is that in #48?