Locals Only Ride in Los Angeles

Locals Only isn’t about exclusivity when used in this context, because truth be told, each time I’ve been on this ride, there are usually more out of towners than locals. It’s more of a way that Kyle and Ty like to throw visitors into the proverbial fire. The first time I did this ride, it was at night, in the rain, during goat head season and with no lights. It sucked. This time, it was rad. I won’t post the route (locals only, breh), but we did about 25 miles and 3,000′.

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  • Tyler Johnson

    Love this. Seriously so into these sets man! keep em coming!

  • Max Long

    Looks like an awesome time. Thanks for sharing.

  • Noah Lynch

    I really love the Kyle “weeee” photo. Solid work!

  • Sean Higgins

    Gator Head? More like crocodile rock.

  • Mike Anderson

    Badass. Where was the juxtaposed “morning commute” pic taken… Or is that nolo?

  • Jon

    I know that section exactly, and it’s so rad on a cross bike! All kinds of fun spots in that Park.

  • Spencer Olinek

    I want #3 as a wallpaper for my work computer.