Reader’s Rides: Fredrik’s Rychtarski Gravel Grinder Oct 30, 2013


Photos by Fredrik Posse

It’s not everyday that PiNP does a Reader’s Rides post. In fact, it’s been months! When I received this email from Fredrik however, I had to share. The world of the fat tire road bike has expanded rapidly with the growing popularity of ‘gravel grinder’ rides. While I’ll say that cross bikes are the best all-rounders, some people want to tune their ride with a slightly different characteristics.

That’s what Fredrik achieved with his his new ride. Check out more below!


“From your recent rolls and adventures I have though a lot about what kind of riding I do, and enjoy the most. I have previously had some carbon and steel road bikes, but since I don’t race and hate having to take detours just to avoid rougher roads, it just made sense to get something more versatile…”


“As much as I would have loved to order a custom frame from a big company, or any of the artisan frame builders, my wallet just isn’t that fat, so I went with a custom frame by Polish company Rychtarski.

Its more of a Gravel Grinder type of bike than a purebred CX, hence the normal cable routing, and lower BB. But it still has Canti mounts and room for fatter tyres. Decided to add some Mudguard and Rack mounts if I were to do some light touring.”


“Tubes are mix of Columbus MAX and oversized Zona, with a MAX fork and stainless dropouts. SRAM Force/Rival gruppo, Thomson Post & Stem, SLR Saddle, FSA Bars with Fizik tape, Chris King Headset, TRP Brakes, ATAC pedals, Pasela tyres.”

  • Giovanni Pirajno

    beautiful bike

  • Bruno Moreno

    I am building a similar Indy fab Gravel Royale; I will send the photos along when mine is finally built.

  • Mokmu Le Levrier

    Love everything about this bike, but especially the MAX fork with canti bosses.

  • Ian


  • Søren

    Is that a Ramblin Roll? I haven’t seen that colorway before?

  • EmaBen

    love the detail, nice build

  • Ham Sandwich

    whats the deal with the downtube guides? the fact that the cables are so far from the downtube is driving me nuts. whats the benefit?

    • Jeremiah Klashorst

      My eyes were immediately drawn to that too. I suppose it doesn’t matter too much in practice, although I imagine something like a stick could potentially get caught in those gaps and wreak havoc, I don’t like the way it looks. I’m curious about the thinking, is there some reason why the cables are so far from the downtube?

    • I agree it looks a bit weird. Wasn’t something i requested. They just decided to put the stops that low on the HT. It doesn’t really affect tyre clearance, but as Jeremiah said it might be an issue with sticks etc. We’ll see!

      • Ham Sandwich

        still a dope bike no doubt. cheers!

      • This bike is very sick. I was pretty damn stoked to open that email!

    • Maciek

      No cable rub with headtube guides. And no additional heat which weekens the thin walled downtube.

      • I think he means why are the cables so far from the downtube? And there is no way cables being close to the DT, with rubber bumpers, will cause a downtube to weaken…

        • Maciek

          By heat I meant the heat from brazing, not from the cables friction. I guess I wasn’t precise enough.

          • I’m assuming that’s a Zona downtube… It’d be fine. I have never seen cables that far out from the DT, nor that low on the head tube. This is how most HT-mounted guides look and trust me, the downtube on my Bishop is a lot lighter / thinner than Zona or MAX…

  • Alex Forbes

    I love the pink with black Chris King headset. It looks phenomenal. I must agree that the down tube guides look a bit weird, but not bad…hmm. Wonderful bike though!

  • kasual

    Great bike! Love a pink frame and the Max fork still has to be one of the best looking around. Thanks for sharing

  • Gabriel Lyman

    fucking beautiful! I’m a couple months out from building my own frame and this is the route I’m thinking about taking. Nice to see it built up, and done well at that!

  • Cullen

    Wonderful bike! Where the hell can Rychtarski bikes be obtained? I’m intrigued.

  • BSK

    Page is FAKE, don’t write there!!
    Official page is –
    Greets from Poland!

  • keirinmax

    sweet bike! which brand are those cable adjusters?