Rapha: The Collector Oct 10, 2013

N+1 is an endless equation for how many bikes you can or should own. Ah Joo just takes it to another level.


  • lenbot

    this guy should open a museum

  • Michael Lopez

    Why are you worried that your bike will get wet and dirty? You come back and clean your bike, and it will be ready to ride again. To me worry doesn’t exist and the bike is made for riding.”

    Great to hear coming from a guy who owns frames that might otherwise be mounted on a wall.

  • Scott

    This man gets it. Great bikes were meant to be ridden and enjoyed.

  • chris campbell

    My new Hero.

  • hed1fsu

    That cream look is amazing.. wish we coulda gotten a better pic of it. Looks answer to the lazers?

  • DMT

    As a fellow bike/parts hoarder I can relate to the drive to find the next bike/part. Oh yeah holy shit this collection is, and I think the word applies to this “epic”.