Beat the Clock Cycling Urbocross Week 03

Last night brought the third and most fun edition of the Beat the Clock Cycling and Cycleast Urbocross race series. Why was it fun? It was a long course, on singletrack, doubletrack, hobo trails and taped sections through woodchips. Also, it had the gnarliest runup I’ve ever seen. This area of town is one of my favorite training grounds and last night, a couple dozen racers found out why. See for yourself in the Gallery!

  • Leslie

    All of these are fantastic. I love the rad photo of Cole Weldon (I think) & the one of Ash – what a freaking bad ass.

  • Tyler Shannon

    I wish there was something like this around me. So rad!

    • Make it happen. There wasn’t something like this here a month ago…

      • Socks

        Any advice/pointers on doing something like this?

        • Get a group of friends. Find some hobo trails / singletrack / doubletrack / service roads, get organized, spread the word and do it.

  • Sirasam

    I not only burped my tire, but also cracked my carbon handlebars which I unfortunately discovered when I went to ride this morning. I’ll be looking for redemption next week!

  • ozren0

    How tall is that Russell guy?

  • albertjque

    really feeling that 1×10 macho man

  • Jack George

    Great pictures, they make racing look like fun.

  • Ian Stone

    I love the shots showing how much the chain bounces during a ride.

  • Goog Smells

    Love the blud in “Racer panning 05.”

  • Courtney Britt

    Hey John, are the photos that didn’t make the cut uploaded anywhere?

    • Nah, the ones that didn’t make the cut are either out of focus, or too dark…

  • Micheal Boedigheimer

    Racer panning 03 – sweat dripping from the nose. So good!