PedalHard NoCoast Oct 10, 2013

A group of friends rode their track bikes from Portland to San Francisco in 2012. Over 800 miles in 7 days. Having done that ride before, I can say that this is impressive. Check out more information at the Vimeo page!

  • odenator

    Oh god why. But also: awesome.

  • btdubs

    Sounds horrifyingly painful… but such a good story to tell.

    • Not as painful as carrying all your own shit but still pretty brutal. I know people that have done this with messenger bags (filled with clothes, camping stove, tent, sleeping bag) and camped every night. Now THAT is ballsy.

  • Ronnie Garcia

    These guys are some of the strongest cyclists I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Sacramento is home to some amazing riders and I’ve got nothing but respect and admiration for all of the pedal hard family.

  • Guest

    got to love those aerospokes

  • Jamie McKeon

    knees hurt just watching