Outlier: The Black Minimal Backpack Oct 15, 2013


I love my first generation Minimal Backpack. As the name implies, it’s the simplest form of portage. A traditional dry sack design, rendered in Hyperlite Mountain Gear‘s proprietary material, nonwoven Dyneema. My only complaint with the first run was that it was white. It got dirty easily.

The new Outlier Minimal Backpack comes in black and still kicks ass. Check out more photos and pick one up at Outlier.

  • Adam Herstein

    You really don’t waste any time, do you? :-) This was posted moments after Outlier announced it via Twitter.

  • edscoble

    I used to lush after one years ago, the price is pretty high compare to says, Cilogear’s offering.

  • trackosaurusrex

    Don’t you owe me one of these!

  • Jack Luke

    You could also buy Alpkit’s equivalent for a gazillion pounds less,


  • Daniel Moncada

    already on Ebay for twice as much!

  • Lemontime

    Only four easy payments of $599.95

  • Dustin

    I think I’ll stick with my chrome ORP. Pleasantly surprised how well it’s held up.