Ornot: Cycling Gear Made in California Oct 28, 2013

Ornot is a small, new label based in San Francisco. Founded by the belief that you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money, only to look like a rolling billboard. All of their garments are made in California and are minimally-branded.

Check out the full Ornot line here. I will say one thing: kudos to them for developing a women’s line at the same time as a men’s line and making them the same design!

Also, damn, I miss riding in California already!

  • James Fox

    This was a nice video and I was excited when I read “shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money, only to look like a rolling billboard”. Then i checked out the website and was sad to see that the prices are more cost prohibitive than most major brand cycling jerseys. I love the designs and the fact that they are US made. Not sure if the price point is what I’d be using to promote this product. Consider that I can buy a kit from Garneau that is devoid of flashy logos and the like for half of the cost of a jersey from Ornot. I think it leads to a philosophical question. Why is it so important to look good while riding a bike? Being fashionable is not really why i got into cycling. In fact it maybe the disconnect from fashion and pop culture based society in general that lead me to love the escape it offers. Not trying to talk shit, I really do like the products they offer but I’m also a 30 year old new father working two jobs to support my family and rabid cycling habit. But what do I know? Just a jerk from the midwest.

    • You’re missing the main crux: it’s made in California, with labor laws, environmental regulation, etc. It’s not completely unreasonable considering all of that, and the materials, which are higher quality than Garneau.
      Garneau is made in a country where people make pennies an hour and are over-worked in less than ideal conditions. Imagine being a 30 year old father working in a factory out in the countryside of China or Taiwan…
      I totally understand your point of view, just adding some perspective. As Americans, we’ve been raised buying things made overseas *our generation especially – I’m 32* – so we missed out on the products that are domestically produced and their pricepoints.

      There is a HUGE difference between inflation of a Chinese-produced product (Garneau probably costs $3 – $10 to make / sold for $80) and a totally reasonable markup of about $40 on a product produced in the States. Remember, Ornot actually pays workers suitable wages…

      • bob be

        Great perspective! Now hurry up and come out with a new kit. :)

      • Ornotbike

        Thanks John. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I get where James’ is coming from too, I’m even from the midwest! Though, when it came down to it, I was set on making them in the US. I wanted this to contribute in some small way to a job here.