Norge Roadtrip Dalsnibba Descent Oct 15, 2013

Warning: mute this player and turn on your own music.

Doesn’t this look fun?

  • Tyler Johnson

    Lol that was my first thought to… this song? Footage is beautiful though.

  • Sneakerguru562

    Song fits the video…love it….

  • Matt Long

    Have not played video and I’m going to guess on the song… My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion . Shall check now…

  • Matt Long

    Great footage, just stunning.

  • campirecord

    I’m not a moby fan but Porcelaine is an exceptionnal song and a perfect fit with this video. As a skier and fan of the sprint gunta I know Norge’s tatse in music is in perfect harmony with these visuals. Music is about taste but culture is not about you.

  • PNT

    hahaha, i mute it in after 5 seconds, the footage is stunning and works well with my soundtrack.

  • Matt Edwards

    Watching with Ozzy Osbourne – S.A.T.O.