Mission Workshop: Faroe Merino Wool Pullover Oct 16, 2013


As I’m packing for Australia, I was going over some essentials and two things I always take with me are a rain jacket and a lightweight, merino pullover. When layered, the combination ensures dry, breathable warmth. I’ve been using the Faroe pullover from Mission Workshop since they first released it. It’s the best merino pullover I’ve owned in both fit and durability. Now, don’t be mistaken. A lot of people will say there are cheaper options, but those options use Chinese merino and are made overseas.

The Faroe is made from doubleknit Australian wool and is made in San Francisco, California.

Mission just received stock of the Faroe in this grey color. Pick one up at Mission Workshop and you won’t regret it.

  • Adam Herstein

    I really wanted the cobalt blue from last year, but it seems the grey is the only color available now. I’m not a huge fan of heather gray, is this a lighter gray or a darker grey? It’s hard to tell from the photos.

    • It’s like a slate grey. Not as light as heather grey.

      • Adam Herstein

        Thanks! I already own five MW pieces of clothing (Bosun and Orion jackets, Gobi cap, District henley, and Stahl shorts) and two bags, so I don’t need to be convinced that they make amazing stuff.

  • Matt Edwards

    I have a black one, I picked up from them last year. It’s my goto riding sweater. Warm, drying and comfy.

  • Maxwell Merkle

    …because Australia is not overseas…

    • I said “use Chinese merino and are made overseas.” Chinese merino is no where near the quality of Australian / New Zealand merino. MW hoodies are made in the USA because merino isn’t commonly raised in the US and there’s nothing wrong with importing materials and producing a garment domestically.

      • Maxwell Merkle

        bro. do you even sew?

  • daniel

    got the bluish and greenish from past seasons. love em. they look used very fast tough.

  • Tom Pawlicki

    I own one and its my go to for everything. From biking in the cold, to kayaking in the fall and to the wet season in South Africa. You could say that my Faroe has been around.