Lucas Brunelle Goes to Africa Oct 3, 2013

This came out so rad. I saw one of the rough cuts at Eurobike. Here’s the scoop:

“Lucas Brunelle Goes to Africa movie has been produced by CINELLI and edited by Benny Zenga.
Filmed by Lucas Brunelle while riding the new #BootlegHobo cinelli bies through the 1700km of the legendary Diamond Coast route, final stage of the Tour d’Afrique!

Hobo is a totally new steel bicycle, engineered and equipped for off-road rides on long distances,
Tour d’Afrique has been an incredible test for our new bike as well as an outstanding way to announce Hobo to the world!

With such a cast a short introduction about our friends spotted in the video is a must!
Chas Christiansen, 100% pure San Francisco, is one of the top riders of the Cinelli Mash Team, iconic figure of the fixed-gear culture, always on the highest steps of Criteriums, Alleycats and Cyclo-Cross Single-Speed races podiums.

Lucas Brunelle is the famous video-maker who introduced the first-person point-of-view shooting technique in cycling races thanks to his great riding skills and the innovative helmet-integrated cameras-system with which is filming and reporting the most extreme race contests all over the globe since more than ten years.
Last but not least, Dario Toso couldn’t miss, explorer of the contemporary, historical ambassador of the Bootleg State of Mind.”

Check out more at the Bootleg site and Cinelli!

  • mike

    neato. hey lets go to another country and ride our bikes like complete douchebags in their city. the whole touch any vehicle w/in arm’s length thing is pretty dated (to say nothing of utterly unnecessary 99% of the time it’s done) , kind of like lucas brunelle.

  • Guest


  • Wayne

    That dune scene is just epic.

    • Lucas Brunelle

      that one dune took two hours to hike up & i’d never been so nervous about making sure my cameras were fully functional & recording

      • Wayne

        It was so worth it. There are lots of beautiful scenes in cycling videos but riding down a sand dune is really next level.

  • Ethan Vaknin

    great video. love the last scene

  • Tyler Johnson


  • Lucas Brunelle

    one very tired Dario Toso pictured here

  • Jake Ricker

    Everything amazing.