Knog: Blinder Road 3 Lights Oct 22, 2013


The latest from Knog is now available at your local shop. The Blinder Road 3 lights dance the line between your normal blink light and a lamp. 300 lumens of light, weights only 105g, 100% waterproof and is USB rechargeable. Oh and it comes in purple. Head to Knog for more information!

  • pb94941

    Hasnt the Blinder Road 2 only just come out..?
    I read reviews of the Road 2 saying that the clasp comes undone a lot and falls off, it put me off buying one. Has this been OK for you?

  • Sergey Glinskiy

    my knog flew the next day

  • Jack Spoke

    How is the battery life?

  • Andy Brown

    John- Can you provide an update on how this light is holding up?

    • Still great

      • Andy Brown

        Cool. I was going to order one for urban rides in Detroit, just wanted to make sure it was going last a yearish.