Introducing ACRE: Mission Workshop’s MTB Clothing and Portage Line Oct 21, 2013



Photos by Dan Barham

Over the past few months, you’ve seen some of my work with Mission Workshop on their new ACRE line. What began as a ride through China on cross bikes, picked up serious momentum as we plunged downhill in Germany and Switzerland on Santa Cruz mountain bikes. In a lot of ways, Mission Workshop’s progression into the ACRE products reflects what cycling has become for many of us: a lifelong commitment to experimenting with bikes. Period.


The Hauser Hydration Pack in 10L and 14L Sizes

When Mission first started, there was a void that needed to be filled in urban cycling portage but few people know that Mission Workshop’s founders were mountain bikers long before they ever touched a track bike.

Over the past few years, they began to take on the immense project of designing MTB gear and bags, all while maintaining the DNA of MW: made in the USA, minimally-branded and tough as shit!

Presenting ACRE: some of the best damn looking MTB apparel and bags on the market. All made in the USA. I’ve used and abused these products and they live up to the same MW standard.

See the full ACRE line here.


    Did you shoot all of the photos?

    • No, they were shot before I was traveling with them. The photos are credited on the site.

  • Adam Herstein

    Finally! I’ve been refreshing the website every day for weeks now and noticed it had been updated this morning. I’ve already got one of the henleys and it’s terrific – I plan on buying another. I’m also planning on picking up the Hauser for hiking. I’m hoping that some long-sleeve wool shirts are in the works!

    Also, why is the Trigger not on there? Wasn’t that the original Acre piece?

  • Maxwell Merkle

    The forest shot there is beautiful. I like how the rider looks dwarfed by the landscape. It really makes me want to get out and get lost.

  • zeeeeeeecore

    so fucking metal that forest shot!