I’m Throwing a Fun Event with All-City on November 14th in Austin Oct 23, 2013


… and we’ve got coozies! More details to come. For now, I just want to thank All-City for getting behind this event!

  • Jacob R

    Can you make it on the 15th! You should really have it on the 15th

  • Ian Stone

    It would’ve been cool if you made it on the weekend so those of us from out of town could come down and attend. :(

    • Courtney Britt

      > I’m sure there is a reason behind the date though.

      Because this is Austin. Everybody who goes to these events is either drunk all weekend or works behind the bar or in the kitchen.

    • There are cross races all weekend… I figured it’d be easy for people to take off Friday – plus, the race is on local trails, which will be crowded on the weekend with people.

      • Loagz

        Seriously debating the drive from Iowa… If it works out I’d like to catch a couple of the other races you mentioned while I’m in town. Any chance you could point me to a good CX event calendar for the area?

  • With 3 jobs I only get one day a week off… And it’s Thursday! Perfect

  • David Hall

    Hoping to be finished work in Austin to be able to come attend this!

  • cuppow

    How can your brothers to the North get in on those coozies?

  • Alex Forbes

    Those koozies are suhweet! Super stoked for this..I need to get some tyres and pedals for my bike!