I Think I Need One: Surly Limited Pugsley Oct 23, 2013


Ever since riding a Krampus back in Minneapolis, I’ve had this little notion stuck in my head: go full fat. Say what you will about Surly (be nice) but they’ve helped establish a new sub-genre in dirt riding (see this thread for some history). Their fat bikes are taking the industry by storm and it’s not often you see something “special edition” coming out of their doors.

Save for this special brute:

“We ordered a very small number of these (around 500 world wide). The bike has an Surly OD crankset, SLX shifters, front derailleur and hydraulic brakes, with an LX rear derailleur. Also it’s got polished silver Holy Darryl rims and shiny bits all over the place. Plus those snazzy two-tone 60tpi Nates (baby!). ”

Uhhh, sign me up? See more at Surly!

  • btdubs

    Holy crap! It’s like a proper 90s rigid MTB, pumped full of fatness! Badass…

  • trackosaurusrex

    I’m in!

  • CM

    Who ever criticized surly?

    • They just posted an angry email the other week…

      • CM

        Oh sorry don’t follow that blag

        • michaelvsShark

          It’s pretty hilarious.

  • I’ve been kicking myself for selling my Necromancer. Oh well, saw one of these the other day via Old Spokes and the salivation was out of control!

  • Adam Herstein

    Why don’t I have a Surly bike yet?

  • Izzy Mandelbaum

    Just for clarification, Surly did not invent this genre. However, they sure as hell refined it to the max with talented designers and market the crap out of it. But they were not by any means the originators of the fat bike.

    • Sorry for my ignorance, but who did it before Surly?

      • Ham Sandwich

        wildfire i think. check out this mtbr thread on the history of fat. – http://forums.mtbr.com/fat-bikes/fat-bike-history-498002.html

        • Izzy Mandelbaum

          Yep, Those Alaskan boys. Simon Rakower of SnowCat fame, and Mark Gronewald of Wildfire. I first caught wind of SnowCat back in the late 90’s working at QBP (Surly), go figure. Ha-ha!

        • nice… wasn’t aware.

      • Izzy Mandelbaum

        Quite aiiight, common misconception that QBP invented the entire bike industry as a whole. ;)

        • we all know that’s not true. ;-)

          • Izzy Mandelbaum

            Ha! When I worked there it was common practice to turn water into wine. In the Surly dept it was water into whiskey. Get Dowwwwwn!

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    We put a lot of Surly bikes on the street/gravel/dirt and, during the break down/build up process, we get an intimate understanding of quality. I find myself building them wishing for a higher quality parts group option. The custom upgrades/full custom builds add up so quickly, I’d imagine that getting the ‘package deal’ here is a better value for those able to afford a higher end build to start. It’s really nice to see a frame done justice by way of nicer parts in a stock configuration, and the parts chosen for this Limited Pugsley look great, atmo.