The 2013 Bike Cult Show by Nathan Peck

The 2013 Bike Cult show was just one of many events I wanted to attend but couldn’t this year. Set in Brooklyn, New York, this showcase brought in some of the most talented frame builders from the Northeast. The frame building community has really grown over the years and as an outsider, I think this was one of the best representations of that. You’ve got total rockstars like Peter Weigle hanging out with his neon pink randonneur bike and long-time builders like Brian Chapman winning best in show.

Check out more photos from the 2013 Bike Cult Show shot by Nathan Peck in the Gallery!

  • CJ Arayata

    anyone know what bars on that jp weigle?

  • erick

    Is Johnny Coast back to building bikes? I didn’t realize this.

    • Coast never quit building.

      • erick

        Coulda sworn I read that he retired a while back, but guess I’m mixing him up with someone else. You’d know better than I.

  • Bruno Moreno

    I can’t seem to find those racker racks online. Could someone share the link.

  • recurrecur

    There were so many great bikes there.
    Johnny Coast’s Schmidt SL integration frame & fork and Jamie Swan’s track were standouts.