Firefly Bicycles: Shine on You Crazy Diamond Oct 11, 2013


I like the look of this one! Thank god it’s Firefly Friday.

  • mat Terwilliger

    Wow…sick..clean as f***

  • Ultra_Orange

    Really nice but stupid expensive.

    • No, it’s not.

      • Ultra_Orange

        $6500(7700 complete) for a frame is a bit much for most people, that is the TI + Carbon right? Sure you can compare it to other CF frames but it doesn’t change that for 6500 most of us walk away with custom steel 3 times over.

        • I’m not going to argue why taiwanese made carbon frames are less than that. But Ti + Carbon tubes (ENVE I’m assuming) is not cheap and people don’t work for free. Firefly has overhead, employees, health regulations, etc to work into their cost.

          You’re probably not someone who can afford one of their frames and I’m not either, but basic logic tells me that it’s not “stupid” expensive. Just expensive. ;-)

          • Ultra_Orange

            If you’ve got a solid frame builder near by you know you can get a great setup for $2k. Okay no TI or CF but I just see it as a better reason to shave off more weight from me then the savings of a TI + CF frame. I get it it’s really a luxury frame but luxury and bicycle strike me oddly. Yeah I can’ afford one of these frames and if I had the money I’d throw it at icarus and use the rest to fund a tour to ride in Europe or Australia.

          • That’s perfectly fine.